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My private yoga classes are an opportunity for you to gain support where you need it. Private classes allow for greater workability where I can tailor the experience to your individual goals and needs. 


You can expect each session to consist of a therapeutic style of Hatha yoga through a functional movement lens. By bringing awareness to our body's natural mechanics, we are able to bring ease into our movements. My style is methodical and I highlight connection to breath and modified alignment. Each series of postures I offer are designed with a specific purpose in mind, ultimately bringing you closer to where you want to be. 


1 hour

1.5 hours

Single session



Four sessions



Please Note

  • All privates are located at my home studio. Privates at an alternate location are available starting at $75 / hr

  • All prices include GST

  • ​For additional persons, add $10 extra per person to private class pricing

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