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tripod headstand yoga posture

Wyn's Yoga

Practicing with devotion. Learning with curiosity.
Leading with intention. 

Why I teach

I get incredible joy sharing all the techniques that have assisted in my own healing. For me, yoga has uncovered a vital potential and a new way of seeing the world I never would have imagined. It facilitates continual growth by providing a lens through which we can all acknowledge and work to change our habitual behaviours. I wholeheartedly believe in what I teach because I'm sharing with others the practices and ideas which have helped me in my life so far. I teach what I know.

Wynoah yoga instructor

Client Testimonials

"Wynoah is a focused, attentive, professional instructor who meets students where they're at. Her unique style helped me to feel safe while revealing those stuck places that needed her supportive nudge. I will continue to pursue classes with her whenever I can."

Robin. Whitehorse, YT

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